From Victim to Victor

We've all felt like victims at one time or another.

Some of us may never have felt like a victor, with success or winning always just beyond our reach, while others may regularly celebrate their many victories in sports, music, film, business, or other pursuits.

But what do these words really mean?

According to, a victim is

  • a person or thing that suffers harm, death, etc., from another or from some adverse act, circumstance, etc., such as victims of tyranny, (or of a crime, rape, abuse, harassment, or discrimination);
  • a person who is tricked or swindled;
  • a person who suffers from a destructive or injurious action or agency, such as a victim of an automobile accident; (or terrorist attack);
  • a person who is deceived or cheated, as by his or her own emotions or ignorance, by the dishonesty of others, or by some impersonal agency;
  • a person or animal sacrificed or regarded as sacrificed, as war victims, or sacrificed in a religious rite.

According to that same online dictionary, a victor is

  • a conqueror;
  • a person who has overcome or defeated an adversary;
  • a person, nation, etc., that has defeated an adversary in war, etc., as the victor army;
  • the winner of any contest, conflict, or struggle;
  • a code word used in communications to represent the letter "v."

The word victim comes from the Latin victima, meaning "a sacrificial animal."

The word victor comes from the Latin vincere, meaning "to conquer."

And herein rests the secret to our transformation from "victim" to "victor." But first, let's consider this:

Q. What does "Light" have to do with this transformation? (As in "Victory Through Light")

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Victoria Dorshorn
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Victory through Light

A growing darkness threatens to destroy our culture and make victims of all of us. We don’t have to look far to see the threats to our personal security and liberty, to the survival and unity of our families, and to the continued existence of civilized society.

Many of the trends of the past fifty years have darkened the culture and confused the church, leaving a wide path of destruction. Victory through Light: How to Overcome the Growing Cultural Darkness is the first in a planned set of three books, the purpose of which is to expose the growing cultural darkness and call readers to Jesus Christ, who is “the true light” that “shines in the darkness.” He empowers us to “walk in light” and equips us with “the armor of light” that we may overcome the darkness besetting our nation and invading our lives.

Using relevant scriptures, personal testimony, and modern parables, this book enables Christians to see their way out of the confusing darkness and into the light of victory. It encourages believers to lead others to that light which overcomes the growing cultural darkness.

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Three M's of Christmas
12/25/2020 7:25:00 PM BY Vicki Dorshorn

While thinking about the miracle of Christmas, I was struck also with the marvel of it and the mystery of it.

We’re all aware of the miracle or miracles of Christmas. The world tries to mimic the birth of Christ, sometimes by glorifying an unwed mother in dubious circumstances. But Mary was not just an unwed mother who “got caught” fooling around, as we used to say.

Mary was a virgin, engaged to a man with whom she had never had sex. Her child was conceived by the Holy Ghost. Christ, who existed from the beginning and by whom the world was made, condensed himself and became the baby in Mary’s womb—the God-man who would redeem humanity.

Luke expresses that miracle in Luke 1:26-35. An angel visited a young virgin who lacked position and fame. Yes, she was of the lineage of David, as was her fiance, Joseph. Joseph’s trade was carpentry. He was a “blue collar worker,” an ordinary man with an extraordinary calling. An angel spoke to him as well, concerning the miracle of Christmas (Matt. 1:18-25).

The marvel of Christmas is that Jesus was born into conditions like poverty (Luke 2:1-7). Angels announced his birth to common men—shepherds in the field (Luke 2:8-17). And then Simeon’s blessing (Luke 2:28-32) at which Joseph and Mary marveled (v. 33): “a light to lighten the Gentiles” (v. 32). The Gentiles are all those nations not of God’s chosen people, Israel, and Jesus came to give us light.

Simeon’s prophecy continues (vv. 34-35), followed by Anna’s praise (vv. 36-38) for the redemption that had come to Jerusalem (and to the whole world).

The marvelous things spoken by Simeon and Anna suggest the mystery of Christmas, which is the gospel message.

Jesus speaks of the “mystery of the kingdom” (Mark 4:11). Paul, referring to the gospel message, calls it the “mystery of Christ” (Eph. 3:4; Col. 4:3); the “mystery of the gospel” (Eph. 6:19); the “mystery of the faith” (1 Tim. 3:9); the “mystery of godliness” (1 Tim. 3:16); and the “mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ” (Col. 2:2)—the triune God.

This mystery was the eternal purpose of God—to send his son to redeem “whosoever believes” and to reconcile them to himself. This mystery “was kept secret since the world began” (Rom. 16:25).

This mystery was, from the beginning, “hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ” (Eph. 3:9). His plan was that he could “dwell in [our] hearts by faith” (Eph. 3:17).

Our experience of the new birth in Christ—having his spirit in us—is the mystery of Christmas. And he came for all—the poor, the ordinary, the uneducated and educated, the wealthy, the famous—“whosoever believes.”

So, at this time in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Son of God, let’s rejoice in the miracle, the marvel, and the mystery of his birth, and of faith which makes us born again in him.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life” (John 3:16 MEV).

Silenced and Silent
8/4/2020 5:18:00 PM BY Vicki Dorshorn

While a group that claims to be for the people—specifically, people of color—burns Bibles in Portland at a not-so-peaceful “peaceful” riot, those of us who hold the Bible dear cannot afford to remain silent any longer.

Yes, burning books (and even the flag, according to some) is within the broad definition of “freedom of speech,” though it isn’t necessarily wise or useful. But we love our freedom of speech.

Unfortunately, freedom of speech is not granted to conservative Christians whose message refutes the fallacies of the left.

The very foundation of our worldview is that there is a Creator, God in his trinity; that sin entered the human race and with it brought disease, death, debauchery, disharmony, rebellion, and condemnation; and that God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem us from sin by faith in him.

For decades, public education has silenced the first of those tenants and pushed a fallacy-ridden “naturalistic evolution” lie upon our children and grandchildren. And we were silenced and silent.

A faction of people in this country have pushed against Judeo-Christian morality with the purpose of spiritually and morally bankrupting this nation. Some of the proponents didn’t see the end game, but it was there, nonetheless.

First, homosexuality was accepted as an “alternate lifestyle,” and abortion was embraced as an acceptable form of “birth control.” Next, these sins were granted the status of “rights,” and then elevated to a position of honor. Anyone opposing these new “standards” is denigrated, ridiculed, and hatefully accused of being hateful.

Now we find a movement in this country to “normalize” pedophilia the same way that we allowed the “normalization” of these other transgressions.

When all this began to unfold, we Christians remained relatively silent—at the polls, on the soap box, and in the sphere of education. Thus, politically, socially, and educationally (mentally), we surrendered to the enemy. And we remained silent, afraid to speak and duped into believing that our silence was godly.

We are like Gulliver (of Gulliver’s Travels), tied up by the Lilliputians while we were sleeping. We wake to see ourselves bound, powerless, and gagged. But there the analogy ends.

Now, our first plan of defense and attack is to pray. This battle is the LORD’s, and we must ask him to engage in it, to enable us to make a right stand for his truth, and to set us free from bondage.

Our second step is to remove the tape from our lips and speak out. Yes, we are to speak “the truth in love,” but we must speak the truth—not a watered down, compromised version of a humanistic social gospel.

Our third step is to stop quibbling about personality or verbal delivery or tweets, and vote for candidates who truly stand with God—against the sin of infanticide (abortion); against the lawlessness of rioting, murder, and destruction of other people’s property; and against the travesties of pedophilia and other sexual sins.

We cannot afford to vote for a party that has removed God from its platform (need I spell out “democrats”?) even though they deceitfully invoke his name in campaign speeches and other public addresses. If we do so, we will deserve the evil that will follow.

We cannot expect to continue to cater to immorality, and receive the blessing of God upon this nation. Our nation was established upon the foundation of the knowledge of and belief in him. We cannot turn from that and expect continued blessing.

We have less than 100 days to decide whether we want our liberty or massive chaos, whether we want law and order or an end to our way of life, whether we want continued sin or the blessings of God.

The choice is more fundamental than even the choice between capitalism and communism (the first step of which is socialism, as is called for by many democrats). The choice is sin or the Savior; darkness or Light; evil or good; hatred or Love.

Tough words, yes. But since Jesus is the “light of the world” (John 8:12) and “God is love” (1 John 4:8), the party that has removed God from its platform has removed love from its platform, and with it, light. It has become the party of hate and darkness.

The Right Way
7/13/2020 2:40:00 PM BY Vicki Dorshorn

Cain’s tomatoes and cucumbers were lovely. They would have won the grand prize ribbon at the state fair anywhere.

But it wasn’t what God wanted.

Cain’s vegetables did not foreshadow the death of Christ upon the cross as Abel’s offering did. Abel offered a lamb, as instructed by God, symbolic of the “Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world” (John 1:29 KJV).

How do we know that was God’s instructions? He told Cain as much when he told him, “You will be accepted if you do what is right” (Gen. 4:7 NLT). The fact that Abel brought what was right proves that they had been told what to offer.

In every age, God has made salvation easy and simple for us, though it wasn’t easy or simple for him, knowing the sacrifice that would be made at Calvary.

For us, we must simply believe God, accept his reality, and be born again. What does this mean? Paul says it well in Romans 10:9-10: “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (KJV).

In verse 13, he concludes, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” (KJV).

One and done. But the beginning of a new life and identity. No longer the old creation, “dead in trespasses and sins” (Eph. 2:1 KJV), but a new creation, alive in Christ, “created in righteousness and true holiness” (Eph. 4:24 KJV).

We must bring the offering God requires—a broken and contrite heart, a willing mind, a surrendered spirit. We must come in faith, claiming the sacrifice of Christ as the sufficient offering and his resurrection as the reality for our new life.

Then, abiding in him, we will produce fruit—not tomatoes and cucumbers, but “fruits of righteousness” and “good works, which God hath before ordained” for us to walk in (Phil. 1:11 KJV and Eph. 2:10 KJV).


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"Let Freedom Ring"
7/3/2020 2:38:00 PM BY Vicki Dorshorn

Christians have a liberty that non-believers do not have. We have freedom from sin, from condemnation, from fear of death, from bondage to law-keeping for righteousness, from the law of sin and death, and from guilt. (Check out Romans 6:18, 22; 8:2, 15; and Hebrews 2:15.)

This is true freedom. It comes from doing life God’s way—which is believing or having faith.

Jesus said, “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. . . If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” (John 8:31, 32, and 36 KJV).

Because we have this spiritual liberty, we should stand firmly in it and not treat it lightly. Paul writes, “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage” (Gal. 5:1 KJV).

As Christians in the USA, we have been blessed with other liberties, too. If you live here, you know what these are—and they are available to all citizens (and to many non-citizens) regardless of race, gender, creed, or ethnicity.

Those who don’t enjoy these liberties are limited in some way—yes. The criminal in jail or under house arrest cannot freely move about the country. Those of us on limited income can’t qualify to buy a mansion in D.C. Many of us can’t even finance a brand new automobile. So, yes, there are limitations. But the limitations pertain to our individual situations, not as government restrictions.

Some of us understand that. We know what’s at stake this election cycle. With all the hype from the pro-socialists, we know that our way of life, our basic civil liberties, are on the line. Does that mean we look to politicians to “save the nation”? No. It simply means that because we appreciate the nation God blessed us to be born in, we are not keen to squander our God-given liberties.

Why do we want to keep these liberties? We can freely share the gospel with others under our constitution. Until the covid-19 mask order and church blockings, we were able to assemble to worship as we choose—where, when, and how.  

Under socialism, those liberties will cease. Our liberty in Christ will remain—and we know that. But we will be restricted from helping others and from freely sharing the good news of spiritual freedom and eternal life.

What it comes down to is a basic difference in ideology, and the one called “socialism” is, at its core, antichrist. Socialism demands that its subjects (no longer considered citizens) look to the state as the omnipotent power. This power will tell them where to live, where to work, what occupation to have, how far in school they can go, and what property they can and cannot have.

It no longer becomes a matter of personal limitation if one can’t buy a mansion—or a mobile home. It becomes a “state” (government) limitation on all real estate ownership: only the elite and their chosen ones can own real property. Everyone else gets to rent from the collective rental agencies (i.e., from the government).

Having a car becomes a state allowed privilege which will not be granted to anyone who doesn’t support the ruling party. Choosing one’s career path will not be allowed.

Free college? Sounds good to today’s youth. How will it sound when they are removed from college and set up in a “mundane” job (by their classification) and told that they must work there because that’s where the state needs them to be, and they have no choice in the matter.

I’ve heard their excuses: “Our socialism won’t be that way.” If it is socialism, it is that way, like it or not.

This July 4th—Independence Day—let’s reflect on the blessings we have in this nation. And let us unite and work together to solve the individual limitations that exist and to heal the division, injustice, and inequities that still remain.

Our national motto is “E Pluribus Unum”—“Out of many, one.” That isn’t possible when we allow ourselves to be divided into hate groups. Let us follow as a nation the spiritual admonition regarding liberty, as written by Paul in Galatians 5:13: “For brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another” (KJV).

Let us “by love serve one another.”

And “let freedom ring.”   


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