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What people are saying about Victory through Voice


Thank you, Victoria Dorshorn, for not being silent about the critical need for Christians to speak the truth in love to the issues confronting our nation. Built on a solid biblical foundation, this is a book “for such a time as this” that every Christian needs to prayerfully study and then consistently apply.
                                      —Marlene Bagnull, Author, Speaker, and Director of Write His Answer Ministries


I anticipated giving Victoria’s new book a cursory read and then return to it later without time constraints. As I began to read, I was irresistibly drawn to its relevance in an era of cancel culture where silencing our Christian witness is the prime agenda. Instead of a quick read, I couldn’t help but set aside my list of priorities for the day and thoroughly immerse myself into a study of this highly-readable handbook exposing Satan’s end-times strategy of cancel culture. Here I found well-presented God’s instructions to enable us to stand for Christ and righteousness, come what may. The author is obviously a seasoned, perceptive, devout scholar who has done her homework in researching all aspects of this vital topic. I believe this timely book to be a wake-up call for bold witness to a woke-threatened world that has gone off the tracks.
                         —Leona Choy, Author, Writing Coach, and Executive Editor of Golden Morning Publishing


In Victory through Voice, Victoria Dorshorn urges all Christians to speak the truth in love to a culture that is increasingly dark and hostile. As the world tries to silence believers, Victoria encourages believers to stand firm. She shows the importance of obeying God rather than pleasing men even when it results in persecution. She exhorts us to be like the first century Christians and to trust God for the victory.
                                                                     —Anita McKee, Women’s Bible Study Leader and Youth Teacher


A thought-provoking book for our times. The author uses examples from Scripture well to lay a foundation of biblical truth and then applies these principles to the present day. Well-written.
                                  —Tracie Heskett, multi-published author, Christian and secular education curriculum




Victory through Voice: How to Speak Truth When the Culture Demands Silence will

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