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In Victory through Light: How to Overcome the Growing Cultural Darkness Victoria Dorshorn confronts the “darkness that is growing in our culture today” through the light of God’s Word. This is not a quick and easy read. Rather, it is a book to thoughtfully and prayerfully study. I especially recommend it as a resource for small groups and Sunday school classes.

—Marlene Bagnull, Author, Speaker, and Director of Write His Answer Ministries



Victory through Light takes a very thoughtful and well-researched look at our contemporary Western world with equally thoughtful biblical responses and practical questions for reflection and response.

—Peter Lundell, D. Miss., Author, Pastor, and Teacher



Victory through Light boldly addresses contemporary issues from a Biblical perspective, offering Scriptural justification for the author’s assertions and ultimate conclusions. She tackles sensitive subjects, such as homosexuality, abortion, illicit sex, evolution, and cultural darkness skillfully, in a “politically incorrect” manner. She sheds light on the pervasive religion of tolerance, the erosion of truth and the prevalence of moral relativism that destroys objective morality and absolute Truth, refuting the lies of human philosophies with Scripture and rejecting the acceptance and celebration of sin. The author believes the devaluation of life through abortion emanates from a deep disrespect for God as Creator. A thread of hope permeates the book, leading the reader from the dark pit of despair to the True Light of Christ that triumphs over darkness.

            For the serious Bible student, Victoria offers thought-provoking and challenging discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Scriptures, Endnotes and Bibliography provide additional resources.

            I highly recommend this book as a study tool, as its content and style are suitable for new and mature Christians, as well as Bible school and seminary students.

—Angie B. Williams, Pastor, Author, and Public Speaker



In Victory through Light: How to Overcome the Growing Cultural Darkness, Victoria Dorshorn exposes the darkness that has descended over American culture. As she explains, it’s not as much an invading force as one that’s been invited in. Through the acceptance of various assumptions and theories about life and death, meaning and truth, origins and destiny, American culture has increasingly opted for an anti-Christian, unbiblical, and immoral approach to living and governing. Consequently, what was once thought good is now evil, and what was once thought false is now true. This is the darkness Dorshorn exposes as she also points us back to the Light—Jesus the Christ and his way. We need to understand the darkness, and Dorshorn helps with that. But we also need to find our way back to the Light, and Dorshorn shows us the way and shares with us what we will find there. This book is important. Read it. Digest it. Apply it.

—William D. Watkins, Award-winning Author, Editor, and President of Literary Solutions



This is a book that just had to be written. In Victory through Light, Victoria Dorshorn has not only given clarity to the age-old problem of many—that of discerning the Light of Christ from the false “lights” of this world; she also gives us a catalog of very real and practical responses to the Light of the World. Victoria Dorshorn not only exhorts us to live in the light, she tells us how we can live in the light.

—Rev. Michael Gantt, Author, Speaker, Missionary, and Executive Director of the Kenya
Development Fund



Victory through Light by Victoria Dorshorn is a timely, must- and easy-to-read narrative exposing the nonsense of relativism that our culture and, unfortunately, many churches adopt, embrace, and promote. As this condition becomes normalized, any other point of view is violently rejected.

            Ms. Dorshorn’s work is very convicting to me as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. Where have I made compromises of God’s truth and His commandments for living a life of moral excellence? For example, as I watch the persecution (not prosecution) of our duly elected president, I have used choice language regarding several Democrats and especially the Speaker of the House. Unfortunately, each day provides me new opportunities to practice Philippians 4:4-8.

            Ms. Dorshorn does not pull any punches. When challenging our culture’s attitude regarding truth, she states, “This creates a conundrum, for if every person’s truth is true, and my truth says that not every person’s truth is true, then it must be accepted as true that not all truths are true. Talk about mental chaos and social disruption.” So, if one is willing to address the discussion questions and personal reflection issues at the end of each chapter, I’m confident Victory through Light will stimulate a closer relationship with Jesus our Creator under His governance, to the Glory of God our Father.

—Charles J. Patricoff, Author and Conference Speaker



As we look around in our culture today and see the moral decay that is taking place, we can feel the powers of this world working overtime. In Victory through Light, Victoria Dorshorn uses illustrations, personal stories, and, most importantly, scripture, to shed light into the darkness.

—Anita McKee, Women’s Bible Study Leader and Youth Teacher



There are those things in life we would rather ignore and pretend aren’t really taking place around us. Victory through Light will push you to look at them head on and will give you biblical advice on how to fight against them.

—Rachael Collins, Author, Speaker, and Lay Minister at United Wesleyan Church, Easley, SC



In Victory through Light, Victoria Dorshorn presents a very practical yet challenging approach that helps her readers examine what is truly influencing their lives. This book expounds the truth of God’s Word beautifully! It also gives the reader an opportunity through personal reflection to seek God for the heart change that only He provides. Victoria points the way to saving faith in the One and only Savior, Jesus Christ. This book will lead you to think critically about our culture and your place in it.

—Jody Beckham, Master’s Student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary



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