Questions For Life

Are any of these your thoughts?

1. I don't understand why a good God would let bad things happen to good people.

2. I think that when you die, you're dead. That's it.

3. I think religion is just a crutch for weak people.

4. Christians are just narrow-minded when it comes to evolution.

5. There are no absolute guidelines as to wrong or right actions or ideas. Everything is okay.

6. Aren't all religions basically the same? Don't they all lead to heaven?

7. I believe in God, but sometimes I just have doubts.  

Is your answer "yes" or "no" to the following questions?

1. Do you often feel confused about relationships, circumstances, or life in general?

2. Do you sometimes feel that there is no way out of your circumstances or unsatisfying relationship, that there is no hope for anything better?

3. Are you often afraid that you will not measure up to the expectations placed on you by others, at home or at work?

4. Is what you dread most that the significant person in your life will abandon you?

5. Do you often feel alone, even if you are in a relationship, like no one really understands you?

Do these statements describe how you feel? If so, you are not alone. Many people feel this way. In fact, characters in my fiction struggle with these feelings . . . 

1. I feel like the world has changed all around me and I can't keep up.

2. I often wonder who I really am and where I really belong.

3. I wonder what the angels think about human behavior and history.

4. I have personal experience with domestic abuse (physical, emotional, mental, or psychological), or someone I know is a victim.

5. PTSD (whether from war or other events) affects me or someone I know.

6. Someone I know or read about has disappeared, and I wonder where God is in this. I read about the sex trade industry and am revolted. 

7. I struggle with the whole "gay" question.

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